Because we noticed that the cloud computing industry is shifting focus and demand towards SSD, and that traditional SATA hard drives is now an old technology, and soon a thing of the past - 81VPS as a future-driven company is now deploying its KVM VPS's with SSD storage. While SSD's are not as cheap as HDD's storage-for-storage yet, we were able to negotiate great rates on enterprise Samsung Pro SSD's with our primary hardware supplier -- so we are able to provide SSD storage without a huge price increase to our customers.

This means your disk access storage speeds, or commonly referred to as "IO speeds" will be at least 50 times faster than what you were previously accustomed to with our HDD storage infrastructure.  That is the beauty of no moving parts in SSD flash storage!

If you are an existing customer of ours currently on our HDD VPS's and would like to arrange a migration to our new SSD KVM nodes, please feel free to open a support ticket for arrangements. 

- 81VPS Team.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

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